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Past Performances

February 2003

American Bach Soloists ventures into the repertoire of Claudio Monteverdi. 

Fellow soloists, Jennifer Ellis, Carlos Mena, and Hugh Davies.


March 2003

Ensemble La Monica presented by Pittsburgh Renaissance & Baroque Society. Handel’s Roman Holiday; sonatas and cantatas from the composer’s youth.


August 2003

Ford Amphitheater, Hollywood, CA

Musica Angelica recalls the Shakespearean era in English consort music, solo lute songs, and scenes and sonnets rendered by esteemed actor James Cromwell.


November 2003

Under the auspices of New York’s premier early music presenter, Music Before 1800, La Monica performs The Amorous Lyre; sizzling 17th century Italian music.


May 2005

Houston Early Music presents La Monica’s Out of the Depths; exquisite German early baroque repertoire.


May 2005

Lieder recital with pianist Robert Thies, Los Angeles, CA.


December 2002-2006

Waverly Consort tours with The Christmas Story, a dramatic, mystical, semi-staged pastiche of medieval and renaissance Christmas music. Venues include the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C. and the Cloisters Museum in New York City.


November 2006, Palo Alto, CA

Soprano soloist in Mozart’s great Mass in C Minor, with Schola Cantorum, conducted by Gregory Wait.


December 2006

Solo Recital with Jonathan Davis, piano and William Skeen, cello. Art songs and chamber music at the stunning Mission San Jose.


December 2006

Kitka performs with TRIP Dance Theater in PBS’s Annual Holiday Special broadcast from Dorothy Chandler Pavillion  in Los Angeles.


April 2007

Kitka performs with Tzvetanka Varimezova at Chicago Cultural Center (with Chicago Children’s Choir) and in St. Louis at Focal Point.


June 2007

The Pacelli Project: Sacred 17th century chamber music in historic locations in Torri, Rome, and Calvi, Italy.


November 2007

The Amorous Lyre; scorching 17th century music performed by La Monica, presented by the San Francisco Early Music Society.


January 2008

Kitka reprises their highly-acclaimed vocal/theatrical project, The Rusalka Cycle, appearing in San Francisco, and as part of Tricklock’s Revolutions International Theatre Festival in Alburquerque.


February 2008

Richard Savino’s ensemble, El Mundo, brings Spanish Baroque music of the missions & cathedrals to Mission San Fernando Rey de España in Los Angeles and Mission San Diego de Alcala in San Diego.


February 2008

Ashkenaz hosts Gamelan X’s CD release party for SATU, their daring debut album. Joined by the indefatigable and awesome Brass Menažeri.


March 2008

Kitka celebrates the release of their luminous new CD, Sanctuary in a series of San Francisco area concerts.


March 2007, April 2008

Waverly Consort tours the U.S. with music related to the epic year 1492.


August 2007-09, Whidbey Island, WA

La Monica performs on the idyllic Whidbey Island near Seattle. Guest artists have included Joanna Blendulf, viola da gamba, Ian Howell, countertenor, and Debra Nagy, baroque oboist.


July 2008, Italy

Giornate Medioevale, Poggio, & Scena Renascimento, Calvi dell’Umbria:

Early music in the marvelous sites surrounding the Art Monastery Project in Italy.


August 2008, Nevada

Musical collaboration with ArcheDream, a stunning ultra-violet light dance troupe.


August/September 2005-10

Gamelan X delivers highly popular ‘monkey chant’ workshops and ceremonial gamelan music at Burning Man art festival in the Nevada desert.


November 2008, Berkeley, CA

Cançonièr, in their debut performance: Brumas est Mort, medieval music from times of War and Plague. With Annette Bauer, Tim Rayborn, Shira Kammen.


December 2008 Los Angeles, CA

Collaboration with vielle players Shira Kammen and Susan Feldman for 

The Avant-Garde Through the Ages at Zipper Concert Hall in Los Angeles, sharing the evening with wildly contrasting music from other eras.


December 2008, San Francisco, CA

San Francisco Symphony Symphony and Chorus, led by the fabulous Ragnar Bohlin. Soloist in Reger’s “Mariä Wiegenlied.”


December 2008, Italy

Soprano solos in Vivaldi’s Gloria and Bach’s Magnificat in Rome at Santa Maria degli Angeli and in Guidonia and Calvi Dell’Umbria.


January 2009

Featured artist in How to Survive the Apocalypse: A Burning Opera...based on the now-mythic origins of the Burning Man Festival. Libretto by acclaimed author Erik Davis (Techgnosis), and music by Mark Nichols.


February 2009 Oswego, NY

World premiere of Richard Einhorn’s  The Origin of the Origin, a radiant new oratorio inspired by the life and ideas of Charles Darwin.


February 2009 San Francisco & Berkeley, CA

Soprano soloist in Mozart’s Requiem, presented by Sacred & Profane. 


March 2009 Berkeley, CA

Honey from the Thorn: medieval English music with Tim Rayborn, Shira Kammen, & Annette Bauer.


April 2009 Narni, Italy

Clausura Sconfinata, a fully-staged combination of baroque music and Isadora Duncan-style dance, illuminating the rich inner lives of cloistered nuns.


May 2009, Berkeley, CA

An Evening at the Dorset Garden Theatre

Solo songs from 17th century English theatre, including works by Locke, Grabu, Humfrey, Blow, Clarke and Purcell. Presented by Music Sources.


July 2009, Italy

Festival of early and experimental music presented by the visionary Art Monastery Project: La Fenice e la Tortora; duo concert with Tim Rayborn at Poggio’s Giornate Medioevale, and Labirinto; a progresion of musical scenes through the streets of Calvi dell’Umbria.


October 2009, San Francisco, CA

La Monica ensemble’s Out of the Depths, a poignant, lush program of early German baroque music. Presented by San Francisco Early Music Society.


November 2009, Albany, CA

Cançonièr: The Black Dragon, Music of the 15th century, during the reign of the infamous Vlad the Impaler.


December 2009 San Francisco

SanFrancisco Symphony’s Choral Christmas Spectacular. Soloist for Rutter’s Gloriaand the Bach-Gounod Ave Maria.


February 2010 , LA, Tucson, San Francisco, Berkeley, Palo Alto

Bologna-based Cappella Artemisia presents the beautifully sensual, florid texts of the Canticum Canticorum, composed both by and for nuns of the 17th century.


April 2010, Berkeley, CA

Cançonièr: The Bright Maiden, the Linden Tree, and the Vagabond: Music of Medieval Germany... minnesang, the raucous, original Carmina Burana, chant of Hildegard of Bingen, songs/dances by Wolkenstein... 


June-July, 2010 Italy

Early music concerts with the innovative Art Monastery Project, in its third season.

Featured soprano and chorus director.


July  2010 Indianapolis, IN

The Black Dragon; Cançonièr unearths music of the 15th century, from the reign of the infamous Vlad the Impaler. Presented by Indianapolis Early Music Festival.


August 2010 Wroclaw, Poland

As part of the Forum Musicum, Bologna-based Cappella Artemisia presents music composed both by and for nuns of the 17th century.


September 2010 Los Angeles, CA

Sublime Schumann lieder with the incomparable pianist Robert Thies.


November 2010 Berkeley, CA

Cançonièr is joined by guest artist Margriet Tindemans in a concert of music of subtle longing...settings of texts by Petrarch and his contemporaries.


November 2010 Pasadena and Santa Monica, CA

Musica Angelica’s chamber music series presents the Concord ensemble. Le Tre Stelle: baroque trios for virtuoso voices. Monteverdi, Carissimi, Luzzaschi. Fireworks and tears.


February, 2011 Seattle, WA & Vancouver, BC

Moira Smiley’s VOCO: New music, Bartok’s Mikrokosmos arranged for voices, Balkan and Appalachian folk songs...It’s all fair game for this vocal trio + cello.


March, 2011 Berkeley, CA

Berkeley Symphony performs MacMillan’s Seven Last Words from the Cross, under the baton of elegant, vital new maestra, Joana Carneiro


April 2011 Berkeley, CA

The Wonder of the World: Cançonièr offers music from the time of Emperor Frederick II. Music of the Minnesingers and the Sicilian poets, the Mizrahi Jews and North African Moors, and Italian laude.


November 2011, Berkeley and Palo Alto, CA

Choreomania: Music for the Dancing Plagues of Medieval and Renaissance Europe. With our special guest, Tom Zajac, a master multi-instrumentalist famed for his work with the Renaissance wind band Piffaro.

February 2012, Tucson, Arizona

Arizona Early Music Society presents: Cançonièr performs The Black Dragon: Music from the Time of Vlad Dracula.

March 2012, Los Gatos & Albany, CA

Music Sources presents The Blood Countess: Music from the Time of Elizabeth Bathory.  Cançonièr offers music of the Habsburg Court, songs of Sebestyan Tinodi, Balkan, Romany, and  Ottoman songs. 


March 2012, La Jolla, CA

The Formalist Quartet collaborates with Phoebe in music by Henry Purcell, J.S. Bach, and anonymous 15th century music from Cyprus. Presented by San Diego New Music.

April 2012, Idaho Falls, Idaho

Moira Smiley & VOCO – redefining harmony singing folksong of Appalachia and Eastern Europe, the avant-garde fearlessness of Béla Bartók and the delicious, vaudevillian accompaniment of cello, banjo, accordion and body percussion.


April 2012, Port Townsend, WA
Baroque Virtuosi: Fellow musicians Ingrid Matthews, violin, Tekla Cunningham, violin, Shirley Hunt, viola da gamba, & Lucinda Carver, harpsichord. Masterworks of the baroque era by Bach, Handel, Buxtehude, Vivaldi, and Strozzi.


May 2012, Rocky River, OH

West Shore Chorale presents Bach’s incomparable B Minor Mass, conducted by John Drotleff.

Oct-November 2012

Tour of Canada with Bolognese ensemble Cappella Artemisia. Sublime music written by and for 17th century Italian nuns.

March 2013, Berkeley, San Francisco, San Diego, CA

Cançonier takes their concert about Dancing Plagues in Medieval Europe for a spin up and down the California coast. Beloved guest artist, multi-instrumentalist Tom Zajac.

Featured article names us "Rock stars of medieval music:"

April 2013 Houston & Austin, TX

Houston Early Music presents Cançonier's ever popular, ever morbid "The Black Dragon," music from the time and place of the infamous Vlad the Impaler.

January 2014, San Francisco, CA

"Saturday Night at the Movies," Lute songs by Dowland and Caccini with David Tayler, archlute. Presented by Voices of Music

April 2014, Berkeley, CA

Guest soloist in UC Berkeley's production of Stravinsky's Les Noces (Svadebka), conducted by Marika Kuzma

February 2015, Los Angeles, CA

First Take "15, A West Coast Workshop of New Operas.

Role: Cumie (Clyde's mother) in Andrew McIntosh's opera about the infamous pair, Bonnie & Clyde

April 2015, Los Angeles, CA, June 2016, Berkeley CA

Ensemble Vocatrix' fully-staged production of Hildegard von Bingen's ethereal morality play, Ordo Virtutum. Roles: Obedience, Discretion, & Modesty.

May 2015, San Diego, CA

Bach Collegium San Diego presents Carrissimi's Jephte.

Role: Filia. Realization: Jevtovic literally means "child of Jephte."

July 2016, San Francisco, CA

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts

Speak, Angels, a new evening-length work by choreographers Garrett & Moulton with music arranged and directed by Jonathan Russell. Music of Mahler, Mellits, Kodaly...

October 2016, San Francisco, CA

Old First Church, 1751 Sacramento St. San Francisco

Phoebe joins Voices of Music's inaugural concert of their new viol ensemble, the Voice of the Viol, with Joanna Blendulf, Adaiha MacAdam-Somer, Farley Pearce & Elisabeth Reed, viols; David Tayler archlute and Hanneke van Proosdij historical keyboards

November  2016, Louisville, KY

University of Louisville, Comstock Hall

Music of Shakespeare's London, a concert in collaboration with the UofL Early Music Ensemble, as part of a city-wide celebration of the Bard, "Will in the Ville"

February  2017, Austin TX

A celebration of love in honor of St. Valentine's Day. Love songs from all over the world performed with verve by Texas' own Austin Troubadours.

April-May, 2017 American tour

Invincible! Virgins and Martyrs as sung in the convents of

17th-century Italy with ensemble Cappella Artemisia from Bologna, directed by Candace Smith. Performances in RI, OR, CA, IN, PA

December 2017, Berkeley

The Three Wise Ones—The Diverse Personages of the Magi

Phoebe directs the Women's Antique Vocal Ensemble—WAVE—in a concert of medieval and Renaissance music related to the three kings. Tunes familiar and evocative will transport you to the far-flung lands west and east of Bethlehem.

January 2018, San Francisco Early Music Society presents

Vajra Voices with Shira Kammen 
MEDIEVAL POETRY, MUSIC, & MAGIC TO RING IN THE NEW YEAR—The “elegant, full-blooded” singing of Vajra Voices and zesty vibrant harp & vielle playing of Shira Kammen join together to illuminate the mystery and wonder of the new year.

April 2018, San Francisco, CA

Cal Performances  presents choral ensemble Volti joining the Seattle Symphony under Ludovic Morlot for the California premiere of Become Desert by Pulitzer Prize winner John Luther Adams.

Bard Music West — Exploring “The World of Henry Cowell,” Bard Music West has invited trailblazing choral ensemble Volti to sing music of Cowell as well as composers who influenced him or were influenced by him.

April 2018, Bay Area, CA

California Bach Society presents Handel in Rome:

Handel's exciting Laudate Pueri Dominum presented alongside the justly famous Dixit DominusFellow soloists Paul Flight, countertenor; James Hogan, tenor; Jeffrey Fields, baritone; joined by a 30-voice choir and a Baroque ensemble of strings, oboes, and organ.

April 2018, San Francisco, CA

Calvary Chancel Choir & Orchestra presents Handel’s oratorio 

Israel In Egypt. This monumental work tells the story of the Israelites' journey from captivity to deliverance.

May 2018, San Pablo, CA

Cantigas and other Iberian music with Aquila: Shira Kammen & Peter Maund at Los Cenzontles Mexican Cultural Center.

June 2018, Berkeley, CA

Phoebe and Shira Kammen conduct Women's Antique Vocal Ensemble WAVE in a Spring offering of chants and polyphony inspired by the celestial lights in the sky.

June 2018, Berkeley, CA


The Last Trouvére: Vajra Voices presents a program of music of Guillame de Machaut. Shira Kammen (vielle & harp) joins in this concert of motets, instrumentals, and the exquisite Lai de la Fonteinne

December 2018, Berkeley, CA

WAVE: The Holly & the Oak: Sacred Solstice Trees—

Phoebe and Shira Kammen direct Women's Antique Vocal Ensemble's Winter offering of carols and polyphony exploring the symbolism of the Holly, Oak, Ivy, and other flora of the season.

December, 2018, San Francisco, CA

American Bach Soloists: Messiah

Handel’s timeless masterpiece presented in the awe-inspiring majesty of Grace Cathedral. Features the superb American Bach Choir and the period-instrument specialists of ABS in one of their largest configurations, under the baton of Jeffrey Thomas.

January, 2019, San Francisco, CA

The Eve of the March: A Celebration of the Divine Feminine 
The evening before the 2019 Women's March, Vajra Voices joins with women's vocal ensemble Kitka, multi-instrumentalist Shira Kammen & cellist-composer-vocalist Theresa Wong present a one-of-a-kind concert gathering featuring music ranging from Hildegard to the present day in
Grace Cathedral.

March, 2019, San Francisco, CA

Calvary Chapel Choir is joined by the San Francisco Conservatory of Music to perform Arvo Pärt's meditative masterpiece: Passio. Phoebe is featured in the Evangelist quartet. Music of Brahms and of Bay Area treasure (and fellow Lakewood Ohioan) David Conte open the program.

March, 2019

Belvedere, Berkeley, San Francisco, and Davis, CA

Jeffrey Thomas will direct Bach's St. Matthew Passion with his distinctive focus on musical detail, transparent textures, direct expression, and intense intimacy.

March 2019, San Francisco, CA

The Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella Festival —

As last year's winner, Ro Sham Bo hosts the Bay Area event this year.  The annual national competition draws from hundreds of vocal groups from around the country with regional competitions in eight cities.

April 2019

Phoebe joins The Rose Ensemble in their final season for their spring tour of Voices of Angels: Benedictine Gregorian Chant and Choral Music from Baroque Italy.

May 2019, San Francisco, CA

Rutter Requiem—

Phoebe sings the soaring soprano solos in John Rutter’s setting of the traditional Latin Requiem Mass. This popular work incorporates texts from the Anglican tradition, full of sumptuous harmony and unforgettable melody.

July 2019, Bol, Croatia

Viatores Mundi Choral Workshop, an event in its inaugural year, celebrates music from the home countries of its diverse participants—world-class choral artists coming together on the stunning Mediterranean island of Brač.

Directed by fellow alumni of the Sarteano Choral Workshops

Jurica Petar Petrač and Kirk Averitt.

July-August, 2019, San Francisco, CA

American Bach Soloists Festival & Academy present Bach’s Mass in B Minor and Vivaldi's Four Seasons as well as Handel’s Utrecht Te Deum & Jubilate and Terpsicore, Lotti’s Mass for Three Choirs, and Pergolesi’s Stabat Mater .

September 2019, San Francisco, CA

Clara Schumann—Selected Songs from Opus 12 & 13, Piano Trio in G minor, Op. 17, Michael Conley—A Velvet Bridge: cycle of 9 songs to the poetry of Czeslaw Milosz (world premiere).

Phoebe is joined by Director of Music Ministries, Michael Conley, Organist/Pianist, John Walko, and guest violinist Corey Mike and cellist Lewis Patzner to present a special concert of chamber music to honor the 200th birthday of composer-pianist Clara Schumann, and also inaugurate their exquisite new Steingraeber & Söhne grand piano.

November 2019, San Francisco Bay Area

SFEMS presents the combined forces of  Aquila and Tres Hermanicas in a concert combining Sephardic music and medieval Cantigas celebrating life, love, food, drink, nature, spirituality, adventure & humor, celebrating the sacred and secular delights of both cultures through storytelling, dance, and song.

December 2019 San Francisco, CA

American Bach Soloists: Messiah

Handel’s timeless masterpiece presented for the 22nd consecutive year in the awe-inspiring majesty of Grace Cathedral. Perennially a sold-out event, audience members from far and wide attend this event which features the superb American Bach Choir and the period-instrument specialists of ABS in one of their largest configurations, under the baton of Jeffrey Thomas.

January  2020, Los Angeles, CA

South Bay Chamber Music Society presents the Thies Consort in a program honoring Clara Schumann's bicentenary. Robert Thies, piano; Jessica Guideri, violin; and John Walz on cello join Phoebe in a program of lieder and chamber music.

February 2020, Santa Cruz, CA

Holy Cross Church
Santa Cruz Baroque Festival presents Vajra Voices and Mary Springfels (vielle) in a concert of medieval music. In a Medieval Garden features the sacred chant of Hildegard von Bingen and devotional love songs from the French trouvére repertory. The program highlights Guillaume de Machaut's hypnotic Le Lai de la Fonteinne.


November 2021 San Francisco, CA
The Benedict XVI Institute with Richard Sparks at the helm premiers Frank LaRocca's Requiem for the Homeless Dead.

November 2021, San Francisco, CA 
Award-winning a cappella jazz sextet RoShamBo shakes the dust off in a casual concert in Calvary Presbyterian's resonant chapel.

December 2021, Berkeley, CA
Barefoot Chamber Concerts presents consort music of Josquin & friends. WIth Shira Kammen, Julie Jeffrey, Peter Hallifax, and Andrew Canepa.


December 2021 & 2022, Newport Beach, CA
The Laguna Beach Chorale and St. James Choir & Orchestra, under the direction of Daniel F. Resch,  pres
ent Handel’s Messiah.

May 2023, San Diego, CA

Ensemble Aquila (Phoebe on voice and medieval bells with collaboratrix Shira Kammen on vielle & medieval harp) play Traveling Music: Songs for Wanderers in a private benefit concert for the San Diego Early Music Society.

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