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Press Acclaim

"Phoebe Rosquist traversed Couperin’s lavish themes with supple, confident artistry...where they sing together, their exquisitely matched voices creating a thrilling, unusually shimmering tapestry as they soared into their highest register."

—San Diego Story,March 2024 

Featured on KDFC's The State of the Arts, December 2017:

"Both Rosquist and Tayler brought understanding to the selection of poems being set, not only through clarity of diction but also by interpreting the music as the context that reinforces the underlying meaning."

—The San Francisco Examiner, January 2014

Phoebe Jevtović Rosquist sang Lucrezia Orsina Vizzana’s “Sonet vox tua”, from 1623, in an achingly pure soprano, finding true divinity in a melody “sweeter than honey and the honeycomb."

The Georgia Straight(Vancouver), November 2012 

“Phoebe Jevtovic is an unfamiliar but ravishing singer.”

—Fanfare Magazine, January/February 2011


Featured interview in article:

The Entrepreneurial Early Musician 

—Classical Singer Magazine, November 2009


“The soprano Phoebe Jevtovic Alexander sang elegantly in an ancient practice that sounded closer to modern music than it did to 19th century bel canto.”

—Los Angeles Times, December 2008



“Soprano Phoebe Jevtovic Alexander displayed great agility and compelling stage presence. Her honey-sweet vocal quality and effortless ornamentation breathed life into [the music].”

—San Francisco Classical Voice, November 2007



“Clear-toned and flexible soprano, Phoebe Alexander…won a fervent standing ovation.”

—Bloomington Herald Times May 2006



“[La Monica] plays with zest and imagination, both on its own and in support of its fine singer, Phoebe Jevtovic.”

—The New York Times November 2003



“Among the highlights in a week of outstanding events [at the Berkeley Early Music Festival was] a vitally-sung concert of music of Italian influence by La Monica with soprano Phoebe Jevtovic.”

—Early Music America Fall 2002


“Each number [was] arresting...hauntingly sung by

Phoebe J. Alexander.”

—Raleigh News & Observer March 2002



“Extraordinarily beautiful and expressive voice.”

—South Bay Chamber Music Newsletter September 2001



“Phoebe Alexander was sweetly expressive.”

—Los Angeles Times December 2000

Former names: Phoebe Alexander, Phoebe Jevtovic Alternate (wrong) spellings: Pheobe, Phobe, Phebe, Fibi, Jetovic, Jevtovik, Jetkovik, and so on.

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